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✨  Wearable Art for your Metaverse Self ✨

Swan is a creative technologist mixing future technology with ancient wisdom. Known in the Virtual Reality space as SwanVR after her viral debut with Beat Saber which amassed over 100 million views, she has been leading the discussion on tech meets art meets spirituality.

Her previous roles were Ready Player Swan at LIV where she got to live every kid's dream job of playing new VR video games, streaming competitions, and creating viral content. At Andromeda Entertainment, Swan served as the Creative Director for the new indie titles under the conscious umbrella of self-care games.

Starting January 2021, she become one of the earlier Clubhouse NFT hosts with Sabet and Gabe Weis. She has since launched her own NFT collection and started collaborating on Web3 projects with Android Jones with MicroDose VR and Nzuri. 

Shuang (Swan) is an avid traveler, fire spinner, and is a citizen of the experiential city in the Black Rock desert both IRL and in the Metaverse. She was the official Burning Man tour guide for virtual burning man 2020  and was creating virtual Burning Man before it was cool.


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