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YAY!!! Beat Saber is now out!!! 

Beat Saber on Steam
Beat Saber on Oculus Store
Beat Saber Original Soundtrack 



⚔️⚔️⚔️    FAQ      ⚔️⚔️⚔️


Who’s the Living LEGEND of Beat Saber?
If you haven't seen our new video battling out to the new song Legend, go watch it now. It has a special announcement from Beat Saber! 😉In this video we went all out to showcase our technology with a style battle between me and the CEO of LIV, Cix. Hope you all enjoyed this new gameplay. We really want to thank everyone for the support. It means a lot to us as a startup. 


Song: Legend by Jaroslav Beck, you can download it here:

Legend Robe: Sequin Goddess robe by my friend Yoshi:

To Add Beat Saber on Steam wishlist: 


When will the game be release and which platforms? 

The aim is April for HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, WMR, and PSVR. Get updates, sign-up at:

Follow the developer for instant Beat Saber updates:

Beat Saber on Steam: 



Keep calm and read this tweet:

It's only 2 developers working on this game. They're really curating a great experience which takes time. 

Patience. :)  


What's the name of the song?

Female vocals: Escape by Jaroslav Beck, you can download it here:

Male vocals: Legend by Jaroslav Beck, you can download it here:


How did you get access to the game? 

The Beat Saber team are our homies. LIV does Mixed Reality hardware and software. It's what enable people to see the gameplay in 3rd person. Beat Saber and LIV was a match made in VR heaven. We got the game build to integrate our SDK since mixed reality view would give context as to who the player is for future VRcades.

Follow us @LIV on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitch to get future videos! 

We also have a new behind the scenes and see how we LIV video thanks to  Draw with Jazza! 


How do I follow you for more videos?

We are filming more videos now, I'm on social media as @swanvrart.

Instagram: videos and photo insights into our next video 

Twitter: tweets and RT about VR things

Youtube: Mainly VR Art videos on my channel

Facebook: set notifications to 'see first' since Facebook's algorithm... 


How did you film your videos with you in VR playing the game? 
We made a quick video and blog about that


Does the game get harder? Like MUCH harder? 

There's an EXPERT level where the blocks come at a diagonal. The game itself is harder than it looks, here's Chris from Eurogamer playing the game as a first time player. 


How did you get into Virtual Reality?

At Symbiosis 2016, I tried Android Jones' MicroDoseVR and instantly fell in love. I knew then and there that VR was what I wanted to do as my career path. There's a video on my YouTube trying it for the first time. It was truly magical. 


To make things go full circle, after networking fully into VR, I ended up working Android Jones' VR dome at Symbiosis 2017 to bring the same pleasure to other attendees. :) Since then I've been a VRtist doing VR Art. I have some of my art videos as tabs to this site if you want to check them out. 


How did you get so good? 

I was in love with DDR when I was younger so picking up Beat Saber was a little bit easier for me. A lot of it is getting the initial hits right or else you miss out the whole sequence of blocks when they come at you as sets. One of my passions is fire spinning swords, so the transition from fire to VR made it easier. 


Where can I find your outfits? I LOVE IT!

Perfect Combo Beat Saber Video: My long black Kebaya was from:

Escape Dress / Vest: I got it from a store on Haight St called Love of Ganesha

Note: I just went into Love of Ganesha, they do not have an online store. It's a locally owned family shop. 

Owner told me to just visit the next time you're in SF or have an SF friend shop for you. Sorry. :( 

Legend Robe: Sequin Goddess robe by my friend Yoshi:


Your video is awesome, may we share it on our page? 
Sweet! Just please accredit us with our respective websites or Facebook pages: 

Mixed Reality powered by:
Find more on @LIV's Facebook and YouTube
Ready player:


Hope that answers a lot of your questions. :D 


All the Best, 





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